Our Offered Services

Waldensian Heritage Venues wants you to have the perfect event. If you want or need more help with planning or other services, we can offer our assistance. These services are offered exclusively for events held at our venues.

Golf Cart Limo

$100 for 2 hours (minimium)

We have an 8-seater limo golf cart which is available to transport guests from a remote outdoor ceremony site on the property to the venues. The price includes a chauffeur. There is an additional charge of $50 per hour for each hour over 2.

Wedding Director


The wedding director is responsible for coordinating the wedding rehearsal and directing the ceremony on your wedding day.

Wedding Planner/Designer

$500 - $1,000.00

Wedding planning is mainly about the logistics, from vendor referrals to day-of execution of your vision. We also provide design or styling services, helping with the creative specifics of your wedding day.

Floral Services

Price varies with size of wedding and type of flowers

We can create and design floral arrangements such as bouquets, centerpieces, corsages, flowers for arches, and other arrangements. Quotations can be provide after consultation with potential customer.