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Le Grand Bâtiment

Seating Capacity: 108 with tables and chairs, 232 with chairs only.  There is a covered patio for 40 additional seats (weather permitting).


Dimensions: The Le Grand Bâtiment is 59 feet long by 29 feet wide.


Tables: There are 12 round tables inside that can seat up to 8 people. The round tables (12) inside the Le Grand Bâtiment use 108" round tablecloths. A long buffet table is located along the left wall. There is a covered area outside that can be used for additional seating. There are 8 round tables that can seat 4 people.  The exterior tables use 70" round tablecloths. 

Basic Rent: $1,100.00 per day. Basic rent is for the use of the building, bridal suite (if needed), tables, and chairs.  

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